About Us

We are Ideal online Institute, take the pride to warm heartedly welcome you to the Best Institute in India. We stand here with an experience of shaping the career and life of students. Since 2016, we are guiding the students to achieve their dreams. Institute’s efforts and the style of teaching is now famous in all over India. we firmly believe “Learning is living life” – the theory stated by Honorable Founder. We precisely follow the unique strategies in our educational process, and ensure that each and every student enjoy to learn and acquire the syllable knowledge along with learnings for life. We focus on making the line thinner between the students and syllabus to give confidence to bridge across this line towards academic success. We continuously follow and try to evolve the simplest techniques that allow students to learn more in less time, to remember for longer time period. We treat students friendly and are always ready to help them for learnings.

Director's Message

Our primary goal is to achieve academic excellence and we also focus on developing the individual personality to become goal oriented. At Vidya, we aim to make most complicated and tricky concepts easier. I along with my team is working hard to bring out the best out of our students.

- Suraj Mehta

Vidya is a place where teaching staff, administrative staff and parents work together to achieve prosperous and secure future in academics for every student. Our students, the learners of today, will be prepared well to face the highly competitive entrance examinations.

- Praveen A. Tilwankar